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In addition to putting on the mental armor to better protect us from stressful challenges, there is the added benefit that we are preparing ourselves for educational success. These skills and the associated learning methods, do in fact, contribute to academic success. Educators play an important role in enhancing student and family engagement, not only in academic success, but in reinforcing positive coping skills to better deal with stress.

Mesa Fire and Medical
Screen saver and poster developed by Mesa Fire and Medical for their twelve skill resilience program. Download Poster PDF »

Resiliency Poster

Resilience Applications
An evidence-based program for improving and sustaining first responder behavioral health. First Responder Behavioral Health, Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)

Suicide, PTSD and Stress
A brief literature review completed in the spring of 2016 discusses high-risk professions, risk factors, interventions, and protective factors. More »

Resilience Report
Colorado Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response: Resilience Report Report PDF »

First Response Resilience Ver 3 Workbook
Resilience workbook for the first responder community using the five skill accelerated method. First Response Resilience Ver 3 »

Resilience Reference
Printable resilience quick reference that is intended to supplement instruction. Resilience Reference PDF »

First Responder Families
The spouse and family are often essential members of the first responder's social support system. Resilience workbook for the first responder families. You, the Mentor PDF »

First Response Resilience Workbook
Resilience workbook for the first responder community using the twelve skill method. First Response Resilience »


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First Response Resilience V3.0 Workbook
First Response Resilience V3.0 provides you with tools to build mental armor to better deal with these challenges that can erode your peak performance and quality of life. Firefighters, police, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are often the first responders to deal with emergencies and incidents that threaten health and life.


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First Response Resiliency
The goal of this resiliency program is to understand, assess, plan, and apply resiliency practices that manage stress in a manner that fosters professional excellence through personal development.